Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Real stories from Exposed users

Let me tell you that I love the Exposed Skin care system. I have had skin problems since I was 10 years old. Now I am 42 and I am having the clearest skin I've ever had. Exposed is working well for me. The first couple of weeks were rough, the product too strong and it caused some red blotchiness. But I learned to adjust my skin care needs to the Exposed system and it is working wonderfully for me. I am a happy customer!
Pamela - Portland, OR

I just wanted to drop a line to express my gratitude for the Exposed skin care line. I have been using your products since January & I absolutely love them. My skin is near perfection now, I hear compliments all the time from family & friends about the clarity of my skin!! My skin is so soft & I barely ever get any pimples & if I do, they are completely gone within a matter of a couple days! Thank you so much!!
Kati - South Euclid, OH

Exposed Skin Care

I am 30 years old and I have tried just about everything on the market but Exposed Skin Care is the first product that has worked. My results have been life changing, for the first time I don't feel like I have to have make-up on to leave the house. Thank you!
Maureen - Tulsa, OK

I am just writting to let you know that your product is the only one that has ever worked on my acne. I had more blackheads and whiteheads than pimples and I say had. Even friends are noticing the miraculous changes in my skin. I am so happy and will continue to purchase this product. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pam - Niagara Falls, NY

By the way, the product works! I have tough skin to work with and my skin is better than it has ever been. Thank you.
Judy - Auburn, WA

I have used several other Acne products so I was very hesitant to try Exposed. But within the first week my pimples and redness really started to clear up. The best part is that the acne serum is a really light gel that becomes invisible. It's almost like your wearing nothing. I have been on the program for almost three weeks now and my skin is looking better and better.
Jeff P. - Buffalo, NY

Exposed Skin Care

I am a 37 year old woman who has literally tried everything under the sun for my mild, but persistent acne problem......I mean everything!!! Your products are absolutely wonderful.
Jacqueline H. - Bayport, NY

I sent my old Proactiv bottles in for the extra discount on the 4-step system. I was expecting something very similar to Proactiv, but I was really surprised just how much better the Exposed method really was. Proactive was able to clear up most of my acne but I would always seem to suffer from cycles of slight breakouts, redness and dryness. With the Exposed acne solution, the breakouts never returned. Exposed seems to be more effective in balancing out my skin and keeping it constantly clear. Thanks Exposed.
Sara B. - Phoenix, AZ

I have been working in the skin care field for 13 years. The Exposed acne treatment is the first system that really has a complete approach to treating mild and moderate acne, and the only over-the-counter product that I felt comfortable recommending. I often recommend basic system to clients before I have them look at harsher prescription treatments such as Accutane. For those that have dryer skin, I do like their moisturizing complex (lotion).
Dr. Laura P. - Gables, FL


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mahinder21 said...

I figured out that the scrubbing was getting me nowhere, so I lessened it to 3 times a day. I continued with the 2% salicylic acid acne treatment. My skin still did not improve much at all.

Anonymous said...

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