Thursday, April 10, 2008

Benzaclin Acne Treatment Gel

Benzaclin is a topical treatment for acne which is produced by Denmark labs. The active ingredient is 5% Benzoil Peroxcide and this prescription medication sells for $150 for a three month supply (23 oz bottle).

I started using the medication in March 2003 after my doctor suggested it to me during a check up when I told him about my frequent breakouts. After about two weeks there was a noticeable reduction in acne on my face.

I would get a lot of compliments from family members saying “Your face is really clearing up” and that is something which made me feel great because in school people would comment about how bad my acne looked (before I got this medication).Well, about five weeks later (from the time I started using it) my acne was almost all gone on my face.

My face no longer had acne spots and marks on it, my pores looked smaller and my face looked all clear as I had always wanted. Since then I have gotten my compliments about how my appearance has changed and this medication has helped to provide me with self esteem because
I no longer have to worry about what people are thinking about my acne.

At just $50 a month this medication has many a very big difference in my life.
I am now a lot more outgoing and have more friends but also

I feel good about myself for the first time and this medication is to thank. It is like a miracle in a bottle, if you are looking for an effective acne treatment for your acne then I would suggest you try this. For more information visit:


Amelia said...

How do you use the clean and clear advantage acne control kit? Like do you use it all at once. Or do you put on Acne Clearing Astringent than wash your face than put on Oil-Free Acne Moisturizer than wash your face again and put on the Acne Spot Treatment? I have no idea i am really confused. If you use it threw the day do you wash your face after you put it on or keep it on for rest of the day? acne treatments blog

Alaina said...

What's a good moisturizer for sensitive!, red, acne prone, oily skin? I've broken out a lot recently and I need a good daytime moisturizer to combat with the acne medication i used at night that makes my skin feel red and raw and hard to move. acne treatment review center