Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Do You Know the 9 Most Common Myths of Acne?

Myth #1: Acne is caused by a lazy lifestyle of poor hygiene. If you indeed believe in this myth, you will soon discover that by often washing and scrubbing yourself, can worsen your acne. In actuality, dirt or surface skin oils are not the causes of acne. Even though an overflow of oils, a day's accumulation of dust on the skin, and dead skin cell appear unattractive, in order not to worsen the current situation, they should not be wiped off through washing or hand scrubbing. In reality, vigorous washing will only irritate the skin and aggravate your acne problem. The ideal approach to both hygiene and acne: Twice a day, tenderly wash your face using a mild soap, pat dry, and a suitable acne treatment for the acne.

Myth #2: Diet is a major cause of acne. To date scientific studies have failed to find a connection between diet and acne. What this means is that what we eat does not cause acne. Food like pizza, french fries, or even chocolate will not cause us to get acne. Still, there are people who insist that certain foods affect their acne. If you are one of them, then simply avoid those foods. Having a well-balanced diet can only help your overall health. Back to latest the scientific evidence: if you're treating a case of acne in a proper way, there is no reason to fret about what you're eating.

Myth #3: Stress causes acne. The general stress of day-to-day living is not a contributing factor in acne. Intense stress that requires medical assistance is sometimes treated with medications which may cause acne as a side effect. If you think you may have acne in account to a medication prescribed for either stress or depression, it's always a good idea to talk to your family doctor.

Myth #4: Acne is only a cosmetically provoked skin condition. Well yes, acne does affect the manner people look; on the other hand, it's not a danger to a person’s physical health. Nonetheless, acne can sometimes materialize as permanent physical scars; in addition, both acne and its scars can do a number on how people feel about themselves to the extent of deeply affecting their lives.

Myth #5: The best action to take when experiencing acne, is no action. In reality, one can take effective steps for clearing up acne. If you have tried several acne products without success, the next step may be to schedule an appointment to see a dermatologist. With so many products available over-the-counter for treating acne and acne scarring, anyone can take responsible and well-informed steps for treating a case of acne or scars.

Myth #6: Acne is just a teenage condition. The reality is: acne affects every age group from teenagers to people beyond the age of 40. Even though acne most often affect teenagers, adults are not immune from this skin condition. Regardless of age, it's a very good practice and preventative measure to wash your face twice a day, especially with an acne fighting item.

Myth #7: Sex and masturbation are causes of acne. Current research indicates no connection between sexual intercourse, masturbation, and acne. As a matter of fact, this idea began as a "tale" approximately in the 17th century in order to reduce the occurrence of premarital sex.

Myth #8: Squeezing and popping pimples is the ideal way to remove them. Touching and popping your pimples actually can push germs under your skin, which in turn can create additional redness, pain, as well as infection. Remember: popping pimples could sometimes lead to permanent scarring!

Myth #9: Sun tanning will clear up your skin. In actuality, a suntan will only cause your skin to become darker. It's true that darker skin will keep redness because of acne from appearing too noticeable. But then, when your tan vanishes, your acne remains! This and other acne tips provided by:

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