Friday, April 18, 2008

Best Acne Treatment Reviews - True Stories

Anitra's True Story

Hi, I am 23 years old and have been using AcneFree Severe for a little over a month. Within 2 days this product was working. I love this product!!!! My skin is beautiful now thanks to this product. I had bad acne and I tried everything from home remedies, Retin-A, and ProActiv. Nothing worked!! I wasn't going to even try your product until I saw the "If in 60 days I was not satisfied I could return the product". So I thought, why not try it, I have nothing to lose but my acne!!! I am so glad I did because I feel so beautiful now. I don't want to hide my skin any more. My friends and family have noticed how clear my skin is and they all ask,"What did you do?" I swear by AcneFree and recommend it to everyone!!!! Thanks AcneFree for giving me beautiful skin!!!!!!!!!

Ihsan's True Story

Dear AcneFree,
Let me start by saying that I am 30 years old and have suffered from acne since I was 13. I have tried virtually every product on the market and have been to several dermatologists but have only managed to achieve moderate success in eliminating my acne. I used Proactiv® for about a year and had some initial success, but over time their products became less and less effective until my skin eventually started getting more worse than it had been prior to using Proactiv®. Frustrated, I turned to your AcneFree three part system as a last resort. To my amazement, I began seeing positive results within the first week of using the products and within a month or so, my skin was virtually clear! I still has some minor breakouts here and there but nothing like what my skin was doing before. I am now in my fourth month of using the three part system and let's just say that I am beyond satisfied with the results I am seeing. My family members have started complimenting me on how clear and radiant my skin looks and my confidence and self-esteem have gone through the roof! To get rid of the irritating red marks that acne leaves behind, I started using you Power Pimple Peel. Once again your products have yielded fantastic results! It has been only one week and already some of the stubborn red marks that I have had for years are gradually fading away. The moisturizer makes my skin feel soft and smooth and is the perfect complement to the peel.
All too often consumers are quick to complain about products not working as advertised but don't speak up when a product actually does works. I have been guilty of that myself and I just wanted to thank you for making such a wonderful line of products. It took many years but I have finally found a product line that works for me and I couldn't be happier. Please continue to manufacture your AcneFree line of products: they are simply amazing. You have certainly gained a loyal customer in me.
Best regards,

Veronica's True Story

Dear AcneFree,
Hi, I'm 22 years old and ever since I can remember I always had acne everywhere! My face, my neck, my back, even my stomach! I hated it! And what made it worse was the people who would stare, and the kids who would ask "What are those red bumps on your face?" I grew up with this until now. One of my friends recommended that I try AcneFree. At first I didn't want to; I wanted to try Proactive®. I heard it was so great; however, I wanted to get rid of it ASAP! So, I went to the store, instead of waiting weeks by mail, and bought it there. When I first tryed it, I could feel the change in my face. My skin was smoother and the next morning, all of my pimples were less red. The second day, I noticed that my face was a lot brighter and healthier. By the third day, all my blackheads, which I could NEVER get rid of, were gone! My pimples vanished! My face was FINALLY clear!I could look myself in the mirror and just smile. I'm happy with my face. I'm happy with myself! My life has completely changed! To all people who are suffering from acne, you wont regret buying and using AcneFree. It truely does work! Just give it one shot for three days and I promise you will be amazed!!

Cecelia's True Story

I am writing because I have used your products and the results are unbelievable. I have used lots of anti-acne products but saw no results. When I purchase your products I was really disgusted with my acne problem. I had visited the dermatologist and he prescribed antibiotics and a cream. The prescriptions cost about $60.00. My acne started to get worst and again I had wasted money on products that only promise to work. The first time I used your products I could tell the difference in my acne. My acne problems begin to disappear with the first application. It was unbelieved because I had been struggling with acne for three years. I am 42 years old and believe me it is no fun at any age to struggle with acne. I want to thank you for developing a product at such low cost but the results are worth a million dollars. I am currently using AcneFree products and the products have really save my life. Each application brings about an improvement to my skin. Thank you for helping me accomplish acne free skin and giving me back my self-esteem.
Thank You

Sheila's True Story

Let me start off by saying I watch all types of infomercials daily. I must admit I fall for a lot of hype, and have been burned time after time. Well, I saw the ad for Acne Free and the before and after results on the African American woman, and I was got very excited. I have combo skin, my forehead, laugh lines and chin are dry and peel. My cheeks and nose are oily. I’ve tried Youthful Essence, that product gave me more acne. I’ve tried Dove exfoliate pad with moisturizers etc….All of the products I’ve tried never work. Acne Free was going to be my last try before going to a dermatologist. I started using the product and I promise you I began to see results in two days. I have a bad habit of picking my face when I see a pimple come, and every time it leaves a dark mark. Well, I was so embarrassed because I had three dark spots right next to each other on my right cheek. Well, guess what? After three weeks of using Acne Free they are gone as if they were never there. My face is so soft and bright it’s almost flawless. I look younger, my friends and co-worker ask me if I have make up on. My skin is so nice now. Whoever invented the Terminator, I LOVE YOU!!!!! And I’m sure your MOMMA’S PROUD, that stuff works instantly. I keep it in my purse. I get a menstrual pimple every month like clock work and when I see it, I whip out the Terminator and by the end of the day the pimple is gone, I swear it’s gone. Thank you so much for putting the product in the stores, it’s so convenient, this way I’ll never run out. My son uses the product also, he 15, he loves it. I just wanted to thank you for a product that really works, I feel so much better about my appearance now. I have told everybody about Acne free.
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MaryVue94 said...

These are all fake. But AcneFree did work for me. LOL

marlon said...

Acne is a serious skin problem and needs a lot of attention, time and effort in treating it. There are a lot of treatments out there but there's no assurance if it would perfectly remove all those acne away.