Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Real Way To Get Rid Of Acne

Acne is one of the biggest problems for teens these days. Everyone is so worried about it, I was worried about it a few years ago. Whenever a teen saw a little bit of red, they went right to the dermatologist. I knew some people that got these medications that only made the skin feel worse, and not better. It made their skin look like disaster areas!!!

However, I managed to keep my skin clear, and never went to a dermatologist once. What's my secret? Here it is: -Over-The-Counter Remedies- *I tried some, but the ingredients in some of them scared me... Also, some are very bad for your skin. I once tried Clearasil pads just recently, and they actually did work. However, they seemed to irritate my skin quite a bit. Plus one of the main ingredients was the stuff they use in wart medications.

So all in all, these remedies don't really work as well as some other safer ones. Another drawback to these is that they are very expensive, and very many don't work. the best brands however are Clearasil and Biore. Most others are just trash. Remember, it's easy to make a mistake, but not to fix one.

These things can damage your skin possibly. -Dermatologist- *I know someone who had moderate acne that was quite visible. She started to take prescription drugs to treat her acne. It made her skin peel for a while, but then the acne began to subside a little. However, it never went away, and it was still visible.

So in conclusion, the drugs seemed to iritate the skin worse, rather than making the acne go away. Then, she discovered the remedy that I used, and her face became clearer. -The Right Stuff- *So, what's the stuff that works? My favorite soap does, Dove soap. It's not a deoderant soap which can irritate the skin. I've seen people who used a lot of deoderant soap on the face, and it made it very red, it made them look terrible for a little while. However, soap dries out the skin. So, if you have a lot of redness, just wash that area 4 or 5 times a day. I wash my face twice a day. It keeps me from getting acne.

So, get Dove soap, it is without doubt the best soap on the market. -A More Aggressive Approach- *There is one other cheap aggressive approach which is quite unhealthy. Rubbing alcohol. You can purchase a large bottle from some place like Walgreens for $.99 on sale. Alcohol is capable of drying up the skin very quickly, it kills bacteria, and makes the acne go away. Alcohol is a cytotoxic agent though, and therefore kills cells on contact. So, it may be doing more harm than good. Only use in desperate situations, or once a week... Try to use alcohol as little as possible.

The best way to approach acne treatment is the safe way without drugs. Use Dove soap, and lots of it. When your skin is greasy, it becomes red. When it's dry, it becomes normal. Dove soap and rubbing alcohol dry it up nicely, and make the acne away. But, try to stay away from alcohol though, it's cytotoxic. Also, try to stay away from over-the-counter ointments, or atleast some, because they are very bad for your skin. Good luck! Remember, Dove soap is the silver bullet!

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